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The SwissGear Travel Gear ScanSmart Backpack 1900



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I love quality carry on luggage

If you haven’t noticed yet, we love  luggage. I mean everyone has their weird hobbies right? Apparently, our hobby is providing the best options for carry-on luggage, backpacking gear and military surplus! If you take a gander at some of our articles, you can learn quite a few things. What you should look out for in a piece of gear and what you should avoid!

An author’s note.

So how did I become so interested in luggage? Well, it all started back when I went on my first trip out of state. I was about six years old; the most I’d ever done was backpacking in the woods with my brother. We finally get the chance to go out of state as a family. My mother at the time worked for Delta Airlines and was given free tickets. We were about to embark on a trip to Dallas, Texas and I was very excited. Then I realized I had nothing dependable to pack my clothes for the journey. My mother took us out to the mall so that I could find some carry on backpacks from the store. After picking my favorite Batman & Robin luggage set, we soon after left for the trip.

A few oilfields and big steaks later, we return home from the trip. I had a fantastic time, except for the fact that my luggage had already broken. It was so weird to think that I had just got my gear and it was already destroyed from one trip. Later on in life, this kept repeating over and over.

I grew up and so did my carry on luggage.

We took a lot of trips throughout my childhood, I eventually matured and bought better gear. I knew exactly what to look for while shopping for backpacking & carry on backpacks. I used to visit Army surplus stores and pick out military gear for my travels and hunting. Most of the time, that 30-40-year-old bag can handle more than your 300 dollar name brand bag. The biggest difference, of course, is aesthetics. was born.

This is where I gained interest in some sort of happy medium. I needed backpacking gear that was durable like military equipment. But I also needed luggage that was stylish like a high-end brand name. Luckily for us, we have the internet in this day and age. You can find everything you need on a multitude of websites. I figured other people were dealing with this same headache. I started to build just for this purpose.

I try to keep my luggage as light as possible

We’ve advanced so far in technology that we even have high-tech luggage. Some backpacks come with solar panels. Many Ebags can connect wireless devices and charge cell phones. This advance in technology has also affected the fabric used. You can find ultralightweight gear on the market for just the right task.

I own these

I love my high lightweight backpacking gear; it makes that hiking trip a little more bearable. I don’t know about you folks, but my back could use a break before it does.

If you find yourself lost or trekking far, mobility matters

Many people involved in extreme sports will find themselves hiking or camping in extreme conditions. I love extreme sports, but I don’t see a reason not to bring something like a lightweight hammock to make that experience a bit more comfortable. The carry on luggage and backpacking gear we offer puts mobility first. There’s no point in having some fancy luggage that takes all your strength to lug around.

Let’s talk travel accessories

They’re four accessories I would advise all travelers look into investing in. One being space saver bags, they can increase your efficiency significantly! I love my bags because that do not require a vacuum. Next, I would say that the travel organizer is my second favorite item, something that can keep all those messy cables in check. The third item on the list, definitely has to be my microfiber towels. You have been there I am sure, looking for a towel to clean your glasses or being somewhere with questionable towels. You need a microfiber travel towel to keep your sanity. Finally, I would say that the travel pillow is the core of my comfort while traveling.

I use the travelers ultimate travel pillow myself.

I had looked high and low for the best pillow, and this one makes the most sense, it fits so well with how you sit on most airplanes.

If you folks have been paying attention to our site, we’ve recently started to add more options for the hungry light weight traveler. If you are here for some good tips on backpacking, we’re here for you. We’ve recently done an extensive review on the some of the best backpacking tents and accessories like a portable stove. I really like the direction technology is taking us in the camping world. Everything is as light as a feather these days!

 Advisory: At the time we are currently reorganizing our website, we still have some of the best Carry On Backpacks like the “Swissgear Travel Gear Scansmart Backpack 1900”Hunting backpacks and some of the best luggage brands available.

My new love, the Tenzing has come before me. I came across this bag some time ago when I was looking for a nice durable backpack to help me get around extremely weather climates. At the moment I am in Kuwait, working in 100+ degree weather and I needed something that could keep up with me and carry all my necessities. That’s when I came across the Tenzing TZ 6000. Now I understand what you’re probably thinking. This is a HUNTING backpack Brice; it has this tacky camo. Everyone will think I’m a country hick!” Well believe it or not folks, I am a country hick, so I am not afraid to sport the camo. Especially since this piece of gear can survive and fit your traveling needs like a glove.

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