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Army Surplus survival backpack & Bug out Bag list for Every Traveler

US Military MOLLE Assault Pack for sale


US Military MOLLE Assault Pack (ACU Pattern, MultiCam / OCP)

U.S. G.I. Modular Sleeping Bag System for sale by Amazon


U.S. G.I. Modular Sleeping Bag System (4-Piece)


MREs (Meals Ready-to-Eat) Box A, Genuine U.S. Military Surplus, Menus 1-12 by Rothco

Wise Food 5-Day Survival Backpack for sale


Wise Food 5-Day Survival Backpack


Life Gear Emergency Survival Kit Backpack w/Emergency Gear & First Aid Kit

Ready America 70385 Deluxe Emergency Kit 4 Person Backpack for sale


Ready America 70385 Deluxe Emergency Kit 4 Person Backpack

Here’s my Army Surplus survival backpack & Bug out Bag list For any type of Backpacker or just regular Joe/Jane.

A survival backpack in a nutshell. My Personal Experience.

Circa 2001, my time in the woods

A throwback to Circa 2001, I’m a snotty nose 9-year-old with a passion for adventure. One thing I didn’t put too much thought into at that time was safety. Luckily for me, I grew up in a very southern family, and we place value and survival education. So one day my father decided to drop me off in the woods for the weekend, all he gave me was a backpack full of essential supplies. My dad called this my beginner Survival backpack. I looked inside of it, and it looked pretty damn empty, to be honest. At the time I have had plenty of experience with hunting and basic Boy Scout skills. I wasn’t too worried about it; I guess I should have been more concerned. That first weekend out by myself was probably the toughest week I’ve ever experienced a survival situation.

Outdoor woes. Was it Gear or Skill to blame?

So what was the source of my struggle? Was it not my gear but my lack of education on how to use it? Luckily for you all these days just about everything has a user guide. Every single quality product that makes it as simple as possible for you to understand. The show you how to use it to its fullest potential. All you have to do is take the time to learn how to trade in your backpacking skills with this. That’s why I for you folks I’m going to go ahead and give you an offer you should not refuse. Go ahead and check out this family preparedness program that can teach you how to keep your family safe and a very unstable world. If you look up above, I have listed a survival backpack for a multitude of situations.

These bug out bags are built for people for a smooth experience.

One day, you’ll find yourself in a situation where your top priority is to survive. That’s when you will wish you prepared.

Now you may ask what the reason is that you should take action on Survival preparation? The reason is rather simple, one day you’ll find yourself in a situation where your top priority isn’t to travel but to survive. Here at backpacking all, we know that not every vacation will go just as planned. Some holidays that you go through will go far from just as planned; you may even find yourself in a life-threatening situation. That’s why we have built this guide on how to find the best Survival backpack and Bug Out bags on the market. We have even created a nice little list for you, so it’s not too hard to figure it all out. All of the items that I’ve selected are honestly idiot proof. And if you would like to know more information about these products all you have to do is a quick Google search.

In conclusion, let’s put it this way the Swiss army knife is made for a six-year-old Cub Scout to figure out. Even though I believe that I was a pretty bright Cub Scout at my young age 🙂

A survival backpack doesn’t have to look like an Army Surplus bag

You probably might want to find something that is a bit stylish and Tactical. Personally, I try to stick with army surplus, mostly because they are extremely price efficient. It also lets me reminisce about the good old days when I was just a young private trying to figure my life out while being shot at in Afghanistan. I understand that not everybody wants to sport tactical Army Surplus Gear around when there traveling. That’s why I’m going to list and the nice assortment of other gear as well to fit your taste.

Necessities of a Survival Backpack

Now, let me toss this image in your head. You will find yourself in compromising situations while backpacking, you may not be able to call somebody and get assistance. That is why you should almost always carry a Survival Backpack or at least some sort of small kit to help you out and those dire situations. Don’t think of it as being an anxious prepper, think more of the lines of being someone investing in insurance.

Military survival gear

Let’s get deeper into the subject of military survival gear, because of course it is my preferred option. The history behind survival gear, in my opinion, is synonymous with the history of the military. Let’s put it this way you are either on the offensive and defensive. We have used that philosophy in life since the dawn of man. And when we find ourselves in compromising situations our primary goal is to survive. Now let’s fast-forward a few hundred years, we finally discovered that to survive you need a few essential pieces of Technology.

Bear Necessitiesbear

You’re probably going to need something to dig, cut firewood, make that fire, and of course something to hunt down prey. So throughout the years we had gathered these tools and kept them and what I like to call Bug Out bag lists. Once we finally started to get more advanced than our Warfare, we also provided these military survival gear tips to our soldiers. Then with the age of Iron and steel production, we finally gained the ability to provide a particular type of tools for them. And here we are today where we have the resources to provide that kind of technology and prepper security to everyone.

History of military gear

The history behind Army Surplus is actually in the name itself. At times in the past not just American history but other countries as well. We have found ourselves at a time where we maybe didn’t need old gear and we had surplus. To make ends meet and to meet budget concerns, the military would often sell military gear to the public at a discounted price. You can buy some crazy things nowadays online that really makes you question what should be so. Arnold Schwarzenegger owns an army tank, more than likely he purchased this from a surplus website. Here is a link to a site you should check out where they have some crazy items. Now I don’t think the average person needs a tank or a giant multi-ton truck in the basic prepper arsenal. What I do think we all need is a robust array of Army Surplus for a variety of situations. Like I said before folks I prefer to keep it tactical, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to use tacky camouflage

What Army Surplus can be legally sold

Now that brings me to the topic of what can you legally buy online. You don’t want to be one of those people caught stealing Valor because you’re wearing a current military uniform. Neither do you want to be stopped by the police for having questionable items on your person. You can, of course, avoid all that silly drama by shopping through US of course. Additionally, United States law states on this website: the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR), 22 CFR 120-130. To sum it all up for you folks you can buy or sell military army surplus as long as it is not Technical data and it is not Firearms or Explosives. I think those are pretty reasonable terms Myself. You can probably find more items official auctions, but that’s a lot of work.

What survivalist look for in military survival gear

Now let’s say you consider yourself a professional survivalist what do you look for in your military gear? Well, first of all, you’re probably going to look for something that has MOLLE capabilities. They’re little slips of cloth that allow you to add accessories to your gear. You can add everything from a flashlight to a pistol. And some of them coming pretty stylish bags. Folks, your bug-out bag does not have to look like you’re preparing to take out a Special Forces Unit. It just needs to be fit for an emergency situation. Let me show you folks a lot of the survival backpacks out there don’t look too military-esque. Many of them are built with style to some extent. You’ll probably find them in tan and black bags and very simple external appearance. And there’re a few companies out there they get really creative and make some cute designs, but those are hard to find. Here’s one for example.

A Solid Bug out bag list

Essential Bug Out Bag Items

I’m going to give you a brief description of some of the core bug out bag items you should have in your Survival backpack. You could hypothetically have a separate pack for that and your bug out bag, but that’s completely up to you.

Survival Medical Kit

A solid survival Medical Kit can be easy most important part of your bug-out bag list. The reasons are quite simple it doesn’t matter how prepared you are or how skilled you are if you’re sick and just Keel over. Thinking about every survival movie ever, more than likely the person is extremely experienced, but II sickness comes around people start dying. So the best way to avoid it is just to prepare for it. You can find a lot of very well-built survival medical kits out there at a very reasonable price. When I say reasonable price, I think somewhere around $50 but honestly, don’t worry about the price tag when it can mean the difference between life and death. I’ll go ahead and list a few items that below and you can make your choice.

Solar Water Purifier

If the Survival Medical Kit is the number one item you should have in your bug-out bag, I will say a solar water purifier is your number 2. The reason I say that is pretty simple, your body can live days if not weeks on little to no food, but you can’t go very far without water. And many situations around the world that you might find yourself surrounded by water but nothing that you can actually drink. Yes, I’m talking about salt water, and desalination machines are extremely expensive and bulky. The best alternative to that would be a solar water purifier for desalination and eliminating viruses and bacteria. I’ve used quite a few water purifiers in my day, and I think that this is the best option. It really doesn’t require much understanding in regards to the process. Additionally, you can easily find a guide because almost every good product comes with one.

Hunting Machete

Now there’re quite a few options out there, and this is just what I prefer, but the hunting machete is the most efficient way, in my opinion, to get the job done. Some people prefer an adze and others prefer and ax. I prefer a hunting machete because you can do just about everything that needs to be done with that blade including hunting cutting and very crude Medical Care.

Magnesium Fire Starter Firesteel Flint and Steel

Long are the days where you had to depend on a flimsy Matchbox to keep yourself, Warren. We’ve gone quite far and regarded to Fire Technology. Now you can use a magnesium fire starter for quick Embers to start a nice blazing fire. Most of these fire still Flint’s use very basic technology, so there really isn’t a reason to buy an extremely expensive one. It definitely helps if you find something that is Dependable though because of course not all are created equal. So I’ve listed my favorite magnesium fire starter, and you can be the judge on whether or not it fits your bug out bag list.

Survival Knife

So you have your mission, but you need something a little bit more nimble. You’re going to come around the time where you need to trim something down maybe you’re making a bowl or maybe you’re just cutting Meats. Whatever your objective might be I think a survival knife is a perfect defensive and offensive tool. They have some pretty nifty nice nowadays, and this is by far my favorite.

Folding Shovel or Entrenching tool

So likely for me, I actually have an entrenching tool from an army surplus store. Unfortunately, I had to turn out of my Army issued folding travel, but that’s fine because these can cause I should be found at a very affordable price. I would say a folding shovel is an essential item for anyone’s bug out bag list because it gives you the ability to clear ground and make an even living surface. You could, of course, do more with this including defending yourself and even make fire. End the end you’re going to need a solid shovel in your bag.

Survival Food Tabs or Emergency Survival Food

So you find yourself in the middle of nowhere, and you have no food. I don’t have that, but you suck at hunting, so you’re probably not going to catch that rabbit that keeps teasing you. You should probably prepare yourself for this type of situation with some emergency survival food. These days you can get some pretty tasty stuff you can’t say the same for what we have to test in the army. We’ve gone a long way from the Vietnam era meal ready to eat. You can actually buy survival food tabs on the Amazon market that can keep you alive and the crazy situations. The best thing about these is that they are very Compact and it tastes pretty good.

Emergency Mylar Survival Blankets

This is the second to last item, but you should have in your bug-out bag list. The emergency mylar survival blanket is what keeps you warm when you are 2 Tire to build a shelter. This is extremely convenient for anyone who doesn’t really have the experience to build a shelter quickly. And that is most people including myself back in my earlier years. So the way these blankets word is that they used your body heat and reflected on to yourself and a small isolated container. This he eventually builds up and keeps you warm on those shivering lines.

Types of Survival Day Packs

So I’d like to finally cover this topic with a brief explanation of three types of packs you should probably keep on hand, and I’ll also give you a link to the Army Surplus back, so I suggest using. You should have a one-day pack for short-term situations that you keep with yourself all the time when you’re traveling is backpacking. You should have a 3-day package for those situations that are straight in the dryer so if you find yourself going somewhere that’s a little bit off the grid you might want to bring this. Now let’s just say you find yourself and a complete wasteland where you know for a fact if cell phone won’t work and you might have to go miles before you can get help.

At this time you might want to get a 7 pack if not a two-week pack just to cover yourself for a while. Here’s my list of the best military backpacks to use.

Survival 1 Day Pack / 3 Day Pack / 7 Day pack

Just for the hell of it, let us cover some Zombie Survival Gear

Finally, as I wrap up this gigantic article on a ton of Army Surplus a military survival gear I want to cover a really fun topic. So if you saw Zombieland if you’re seen any Zombie Apocalypse movie you know that one of the most valuable items you could have is a zombie survival gear backpack. Something that you could keep that can keep you protected from any zombie apocalypse situation. Now let’s be serious here the likelihood of the world ending in Zombies Rising is pretty small. In conclusion it’s fun to do a little bit of end play it’s fun a little bit of cosplay, and it’s fun just talking about crazy scenarios why throw tomahawks.

Brief list.

So I’m going to give you a brief list of some of the coolest items that I have found on Amazon and that you could go ahead and purchase and have the little bit of fun with a few watermelons and your buddies in the woods.

I hope you folks enjoyed my gigantic review of Army surplus and military backpacks. Sheesh, I mean I covered a ton of topics and it feels like my hands are falling off. Finally, I am satisfied I have left some solid information, though. Listen here folks, you should highly consider buying army surplus over any other type of survival gear. This stuff has been tried and tested by people with their life on the line.

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