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Hunting Backpacks – Top 4 & Packs

Hunting Backpacks & Packs


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#1 best hunting backpack – Tenzing TP 14


A Hydration Pack or Camelbak



best hunting hydration packIs a staple of any outdoors activities, long gone are the days of hauling two canteens by your waists. That is unless you are in the military, or at least they did in my day. A hydration pack generally comes in 3 liters and they vary from back carry and waist carry. It’s so convenient and I use mine so often. Especially when I am hiking across some no-mans-land. I instinctively reach out to my right shoulder looking for a nipple (the bladder mouthpiece). You will notice yourself drinking more than you would with a canteen but this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. You should be staying hydrated will only keep you more sharp and faster while you adventure. If you’re looking for a cool hybrid between a hydration pack and hunting backpacks, check out my favorite below.

The Storage Duffel –

Gunslingers best friend

hunting storage duffel
After spending a day or so in nature, or even a few hours depending on the climate. Trust me, you will end up getting fairly smelly. Being smelly while hunting will not work in your favor. Most hunting backpacks don’t offer scent covers but many hunting storage duffel bags do. The bags also prevent your smelly old clothes scent from keeping away your next catch. An additional feature like this is a necessity for any hunter.

Rise and shine – Day Hunting Pack

day hunting pack
Back in my high school days in the middle of Georgia. It wasn’t too uncommon for kids to go hunting right before school started in the morning. Generally, when I hunted I would grab one of my big hunting backpacks. Of course with the anticipation that I would be spending more than a day in the woods. On occasions like the one above, you don’t need a hulking bag to drag around the woods for just an hour or three. I quickly invested in this day hunting pack and never looked back, I still have it to this day.

A Floating Blind Bag

hunting blind bag
Isn’t a magical floating device, or is it? Generally Blind Bags are go-to carry ons because you can keep a ton of hunting props in one central area. The industry eventually grew to make floating blind bags to aid hunters. Especially hunters who find themselves in moisture rich areas (vinyl liners) and ponds, looking for their next duck dinner. Those characteristics protect your gear from water damage but it also protects against physical damages like dropping your gear with added foam and harden cloth on most floating blind bags.

Power of a Bow and Rifle Hunting Pack
bow and rifle backpacksWhen I hunt, my preferred weapon is a bow, when I was younger I would just strap my bow on my shoulder but when I caught prey off guard, I would have to reach for it and potentially spook them. Eventually, I invested in a bow and rifle hunting pack which gave me quick access to grab my weapon of choice. I would advise any serious hunter to invest in a bow and rifle hunting pack. This bag pairs well with a coyote locator call system.

Militaries favorite –

Top-Load Pack


best top load hunting backpacksOn those days where I am going to spend a good amount of time in the woods, the one thing I don’t want to do is spend most my time rustling through my gear to find what I need. That’s why I usually bring a top load pack, it gives you plenty of space for all your gear with large side pockets for quick access, a good top load rucksack also has zippered hood pockets for accessories like a flashlight or a lighter.

Bad wrap for – the Fanny Pack

hunting fanny pack

Somewhere in between the 90s and now, fanny packs have lost their popularity in the mainstream. Albeit they are making a comeback, there’s still a ways to go. I could care less about fashion though, let’s talk hunting, not fashion. So you’ve got a some solid hunting backpacks but you need some sort of easy carry load for ammunition and maybe a snack, well the fanny pack is your best friend. Many of the fanny packs built for hunting have built-in protection from moisture.

Fishermans favorite –

Sling Pack


hunting sling packGenerally when fishing, you need quick access to bait, hooks and many other accessories. You could just use basic hunting backpacks but I would suggest grabbing a solid sling pack for quick access, of course when looking out for a good bag, make sure it’s waterproof. When you’ve tested your gear, be sure to leave a photo of your catch down below!

Quick access Lumbar Pack
hunting lumbar packSimilar to the Bow and Rifle Hunting Pack, the lumbar pack usually has adapters for a bow or rifle accompanied with enough pockets for any type of hunter. The back support provided by the lumbar pack is enough alone to be worthy of being added to your gear arsenal. I may be young but my back sure isn’t (thanks Army).

Finding my perfect hunting backpacks.

How often does hunting ever cross your mind? I went on a pretty intense hunt a few months back and the experience was very rewarding for me. It is always an achievement for me whenever I could return home with my hunting backpacks full of game. Catching your prey takes patience and endurance. True hunting is meant for the bold, so I had to overcome the mental and physical barriers that come with it, so that I could get a great outdoors experience. So I went ahead and grabbed my bow, loaded my hunting backpack, laced up my boots and went out to trek for the chance of that thrilling experience.

In my closet.

My hunting backpacks are used to carry various items that are essential during the camp. My hunting experience involved a lot of walking, glassing and sitting and I had to carry with me two of my most appropriate bags because I also wanted to hunt big game. In my hunting backpack, I carried my hunting license and tags, a knife and sharpening tools, and also a saw that were useful for wood cutting and butchering my catch. Also, in my hunting backpack, I had several paper towels, that I used for cleanup and as toilet paper. I’ve grown out of my boy scout days of using pine cones. Gloves were also an essential item during the trip, and I used them during field dressing game for ease of clean-up and sanitation. Thats a very important step to take, everyone should sanitary goods with them while hunting.

Which is why.

In my backpack, I also carried breathable game bags for the meat. These bags were useful because they kept dirt and debris from reaching the meat and also protected it from flies and bees. Inside my hunting backpack, I also carried a flagging tape to mark the best route. A paracord was also an important tool in my bags because I used it to improvise shelter, trash bags- which I used as emergency shelter and placing some meat and lastly a zip lock bag for carrying deer liver, kidneys or heart. I could not leave out a lighter and a cleaner from my most important items on my packing list.




The hunting backpacks that I use during hunting really matters, and I had to really know what I wanted. I had many options to choose from. The most appropriate hunting back packs- as I found out, have the following features:

Hunting backpacks that have a bow or rifle carrier are very useful. Personally, I got myself one of these during my hunting travels because it allows quick access to my bow from the scabbard, and I did not have to carry the bow in my hands or on my shoulder.

Secondly, Hunting backpacks with a hydration system are fantastic options. I chose this kind of backpack that was compatible to a hydration system, because it is convenient for me, because I get thirsty very often and especially, I anticipated that during the hunt.

In a nutshell.


Your Gear Matters.


Additional accessories are also an essential feature while choosing hunting backpacks. During my hunting trip, I chose a backpack that has the option for additional attachment space such as pockets and pouches. This option applies in the event that I can buy a new gear, maybe in my next hunting trip, then I can easily add it to my backpack whenever I need it. I found additional pockets and pouches crucial me for carrying spare arrows and other things like an additional compass or even my range finder.

While selecting appropriate hunting backpacks, I went ahead and selected the most durable pack; the one that will remain serviceable for many years while being used heavily during my hunting practices.


On a final note.

Lastly, I considered a hunting backpack that best suited me. I am quite a small guy, weighing 180 pounds and 5’8” height, so I had to go for the pack I can physically carry and it will not weigh down on me. Money talks, so I had to go for a pack that is pocket friendly, in my means (I had saved for a long time for the latter) and thankfully, I enjoyed the hunting, with my backpack, because it allowed me to use it for the day hunts and also overnight, for 4 days and later to pack the deer out.

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