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TRAKK Fuel vs. Vigor Ebags and Business Backpacks! You can carry your items over long distances or long periods of time. Backpacks are also ideal for wilderness adventures like camping, biking and mountain climbing. They are also perfect for carrying accessories to school. A good back pack should allow you as many items as you […]

Here’s my Army Surplus survival backpack & Bug out Bag list For any type of Backpacker or just regular Joe/Jane. A survival backpack in a nutshell. My Personal Experience. Circa 2001, my time in the woods A throwback to Circa 2001, I’m a snotty nose 9-year-old with a passion for adventure. One thing I didn’t put […]

Save BIG BEFORE Cyber Monday & Black Friday with this Amazon Hack I’ll let you folks onto a little secret. You could have been saving on Amazon well before Black Friday and definitely before Cyber Monday. All you had to do was click the right links. Amazon has been providing incredibly low warehouse deals for […]

There’s a faction of the government that puts “tactical” over everything for maximum efficiency. That faction is the military. With the multitude of branches of service. The great number of skill sets and jobs available in the military branch. Efficiency is everything in the military. Additionally, efficiency tends to make items cheaper which helps the […]

Travel List for Those Bad with Packing List’s We’ve done our best to simplify the dreaded travel list. Step 1: Secure Passport, Cash, and Credit Cards First come first for a travel list, you should be concentrating on aggregating all of your most precious travel documents. Personally, I think it’s wise to keep these close […]

Best Luggage Brands Let’s get straight to the point down below I know you folks are busy, so we want to give you what you need (top 3 best luggage brands)straight up first and if you want to read further details on backpack luggage, you can continue reading below after you’ve found your perfect fit. […]

Carry On Backpacks Top 3 & Best Of Secure Luggage | Carry On Backpacks | Backpack Accessories When shopping for a carry on backpack, you’ll quickly notice the ocean of options in front of you. It can be quite intimidating and unfortunately most companies care less about providing the best option and more about a […]