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Carry On Backpacks – Top 3 & Best Secure Luggage Reviews

carry on backpacks

Carry On Backpacks

Top 3 & Best Of
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When shopping for a carry on backpack, you’ll quickly notice the ocean of options in front of you. It can be quite intimidating and unfortunately most companies care less about providing the best option and more about a quick profit. Luckily, for any lucky readers, we at Backpacking Mall are here to simplify the matter whilst providing you the best prices on the market. So without further ado, let’s drop the Top 3 Carry On Backpacks. (if they don’t tickle your fancy, see below for more options)Carry On Backpacks

Top 3 Backpacks!

We did our best to provide you three types of carry on backpacks for different types of travelers. Usually, when I am going on short cheap flights around the United States doing what I love most (taking pictures of puppies and sunsets), I usually want a backpack that is small, easy to organize and of course has helps me transport it across the huge disorganized wastelands that we call Airports. That is after all why we call them carry on backpacks, because they are just the right size and also convenient to maneuver. So here’s a few similar to our first lucky small luggage backpack:

Compact Luggage Backpacks
Click Images Below

Compact Luggage Backpacks
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A closer look

If that doesn’t tickle your fancy, here’s a close look at the other option with some very convenient additional characteristics:

Where was this backpack, BACK when I was traveling throughout Asia! It is too convenient, oh the magic of innovation. Now to the creme de la creme of the carry on backpacks, this one can take care of any minor and major need for the busy traveler.

Here’s a Closer look at the Medium backpack.

Any other backpack probably pales in comparison, stick with these three and you should have no worries, well you may have some worries. I’d suggest adding extra security measures to your backpack to prevent potential theft, everyone is a tad bit paranoid in airports these days.

backpack accessories
secure luggage

If you want the full secure luggage package built into your hardware, you’ll have to look in a different direction. Now this luggage isn’t necessarily more/less better than my top three carry on backpacks, they just provide a different option for those who have different priorities. Without further ado, here’s my top 3 secure luggage options:

I was considering making a short list of the most beautiful carry on backpacks on the market but I will leave the opinion on aesthetics to you, the valued customers but what I will provide you is a story on why and how I became so interested in finding that perfect fit in my backpack arsenal.


I have plenty of ammo.


Going back to my adventurous past, I was leaving the Army and I wanted to take full advantage of my Army Space A travel benefits. I wanted to go somewhere very for me, I’d seen most of the hot spots in the Middle East, I’ve backpacked a bit through the gorgeous terrain we call Europe and to be honest flights in the United States didn’t really interest me because it is way too close to home. So I had two more options, South America, Africa and Asia were the only continents left on the list apart from Antarctica and unfortunately I am deathly against the cold, especially an entire continent covered with what I despise.

A decision was made.


After a quick swing of the wrists, my finger landed on Asia, specifically China and for you geographically intelligent readers out there (hopefully all of us) we all know that China is basically surrounded by so many other Asian countries and it wouldn’t make much sense to start there. Luckily as flights were coming through, I had the short opportunity to visit Alaska and then flight out to Hawaii which would in hand lead me to the Asiatic part of the world. After literally spending 1 day in Alaska (remember, I am not fan of cold climates).

I found myself in beautiful Havaii.

After hopping off of the jumbo plane that cost me a whole lot of nothing to board, I hit the streets (or rather a Taxi) and enjoyed my stay thoroughly. About 2 weeks passed and I found I had accumulated a few too many goods on my travels. So I wanted to upgrade my carry on backpacks to something more convenient and practical, after all as I said before the options for luggage are vast, so why not keep your eyes open for something new? So initially, I went for the option that provided the most pockets to stuff my goodies in. I went with the old fashioned yet modern [swiss army laptop backpack] and continued my travels on a flight from hawaii to japan and the flight time gave me plenty (if not too much) of time to play with my new luggage backpack.


We officially arrive to Japan and I am sure you know what happened next, I went on to spend a little too much on souvenirs and found myself in another pickle. After sending off a few goods, I Still had quite a few electronics I needed to secure and bring with me throughout my travels in Asia. So I went on to find some of the best secure luggage on the market and I settled with the [Kopack Lightweight Laptop Backpack] and I have to say my needs were met, I had the ultimate carry on backpacks in my arsenal.

In conclusion,

Traveling throughout Asia was a breeze, I could keep all my most valuable goods in one piece of luggage, clothing in another and my bulkier goods in my last!

I still keep my backpacks on hand for my trips and because I have some of the best in their respective categories, I have little to no need to get back in the market for quite a while. Maybe in another blog, I will talk a bit about how grateful I was to have my secure luggage with a piece of technology that saved my valuables in the Philippines.

Thanks for reading, hope you folks found what you were looking for!

– Brice Super Tramp

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