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We offer carry on backpacks compatible for flights around the world!

Our favorite brand is the tortuga backpack, check out the review!

Our Backpacks are the best addition to a travel list and many have access for a backpacking laptop. We’ve just taken in backpacks with solar charging! Now you can charge your electronics while performing your favorite activities. It works in many environments including winter environments! Stay tuned for more travel gear additions to the Backpacking Mall. If you’d like to see a specific item added to the Mall, please do not be afraid to contact us today. Simply go to the About Us page and make a request. If you are subscribed to our e-mail list. You can e-mail us from there with any request you may have regarding an item.

What do we look for before determining the best baggage for tavel

– Design
– Size
– Price
– Durability

A good example would be the tortuga air weekend bag, it’s a bag built explicitly for those who travel frequently and for short trips. Albeit you can definitely stuff this bag with all your necessities for you big trip around the world, it’s designed for a specific purpose. In regards to size, it is actually well below the maximum carry on specifications. Unlike it’s big brother that sits on 22x14x9 dimensions for travel. Price wise, I would place this bag into medium range. You can afford this if you are actually looking for something large and dependable. Finally, the durability of this bag is obviously placed before everything else, I have full confidence this baggage can last years if you treat it well!

We are open to more items!

We are always open to expanding our catalog! Our job is to provide as many of the best options we can to ease your shopping and adventure! Check it out when you have the chance!

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