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TRAKK Power Bank – Waterproof Backpack Reviews


TRAKK Fuel vs. Vigor Ebags and Business Backpacks!

You can carry your items over long distances or long periods of time. Backpacks are also ideal for wilderness adventures like camping, biking and mountain climbing. They are also perfect for carrying accessories to school. A good back pack should allow you as many items as you need. You also need to feel secure in public especially when taking things like a laptop. It should also feel comfortable especially after packing a lot of stuff for a rough trip. Water, shock, and dust proof are also elemental in backpacking.

Trakk manufacturers have revolutionized backpacking by introducing reliable, comfortable and spacious back packs. There is no need to worry about charging your devices anymore. These back packs come with built-in power banks that allow you to charge your smartphones, tablets and other devices in your bag. Multiple cables are provided for different types of electronics.

The RFID technology secures your expensive electronic devices and accessories in public.

A large number of compartments allow you to store multiple items. The zippers are very durable and easy to use especially with Trakk Vigor. You can carry your valuables anywhere during storms or rainy seasons. They are constructed with quality jacquard nylon material which keeps away water and dust. The design is very sleek with matching black and blue colors. These back packs are very similar given that they are made by the same manufacturer. However, there are few differences which are highly voiced by the consumer.

Design – TRAKK Vigor is a unique universal backpack

Trakk Vigor has a straightforward and brilliant design which provides modest beauty and convenience in one unit. It allows you to trend along business trips or during leisure travel. This pack allows you to carry all you necessities with style. Quality nylon material and leather finish provide a professional and yet a simple look. The straps and backside of the backpack are padded thus providing comfort to your shoulder.

Sponges are placed at the back to relieve pressure when it’s fully loaded.

You can pack as much as you want and still feel comfortable. This comes very handily during outdoor activities like hiking, camping, biking, climbing, scavenger hunting and more. The overall size of the bag is convenient for both men, women, and teenagers as well. The neutral black color matches most attires. This kit provides both simplicity and brilliance. The material is very sturdy, and the overall unit is well-made. It’s quality, strength, and durability is very impressive. Trakk Vigor is very comfortable and convenient to carry.

Trakk Fuel backpack is also a good traveling companion that closely matches Trakk Vigor. Its design is simple, modest and beautiful. An excellent construction and a sleek finish offer convenience and style. Fuel back pack is made of thin electric blue stripes meant to compliment the attractive all-black design. However, most customers feel that it was unnecessary. The same applies to the reflective material.

It allows you to shine in public during business or leisure trips.

The manufacturer has also provided a style that allows you take this back pack to all your adventures everywhere and in all weather conditions. The backside is well cushioned to provide comfort when packing many items. Its shoulder straps are also cushioned comfortably. This is also a well-designed backpack with a beautiful and comfortable material.


Trakk Vigor comes with a power bank making it a perfect traveling companion. There is no need to carry your portable charger in your purse or pocket anymore. It has a 7000mAh built-in rechargeable power bank which is attached inside the front pocket. You can charge your phone up to 3 times using one single charge. It utilizes a 12 V output an input to produce a reliable charge. A removable battery pack allows you to make replacements when its life comes to an end. This is coupled with an external USB interface used to charge all USB enabled devices.

It allows them to stay juiced throughout your business or leisure trip.

This pack facilitates convenience amidst travels. The battery power level is conveniently shown at the front of the backpack. You will know exactly when to charge up the pack. The indicator is easily seen from outside. The downside is that charging plugs can be longer which means you have to keep your mobile devices in the book bag while charging.

Trakk Fuel back pack matches Trakk Vigor regarding power. It also includes a 7000mAh built-in power bank that can be recharged to the interior front pocket. You can charge your devices repeatedly with a single charge. On its periphery is a 12 V input and output that produces a fast and efficient charge.

On the outside is a blue battery indicator that lets you monitor the battery power.

This back pack is also good for someone who needs a charge with them at all times. You can charge more than one device at a time. Also, you can charge your-your devices while charging the backpack. The charger is found in the front pocket which is a bit weird. Its power bank is way down, and the pockets are also narrow. It is hard to figure anything out since it cannot be opened wide enough. If you need battery power when traveling around, then this may be a great back pack for you. It is light enough and offers comfort-ability that closely matches Trakk Vigor back pack.


Trakk Vigor comes with a four pin cable, a smaller USB cable, a lightning cable and an interior USB port used to replace your cord. These connectivity accessories allow you to charge your devices quickly. You only need to connect to the power bank and device to stabilize your gadgets. These cords are of decent size which makes them manageable and easy to store in the bag.

Finding an Airport wall socket is too hard

The convenience of charging everything allows you to stay connected to the world. You can charge everything at the comfort of your seat in places like an airport. Finding coveted charging stations is usually very hard. Plugging in your electronic devices for charging is simple and easy. Instead of plugging them directly into the battery inside the backpack you can use USB cables to connect them from outside without opening the pack.

USB Internal Battery Bank is all you need in a day

Trakk manufacturers have also included an external USB interface on Trakk Fuel which allows you to charge USB-enabled devices. This allows you to keep your devices on during long flights which increase convenience. It comes with three wires, a built-in lighting cable, four pin cable, a much smaller USB cable and an internal USB port. These different charger connectors allow you to charge multiple devices. You can keep yourself busy on social media or even work while flying.

7000mAh for ultimate power

An external USB port easily connects to the built-in power bank rated at 7000mAh so that you can plug in your tablet, phone or any other mobile device. The charging port is placed just near the opening of the external pocket. All charging cables are found inside the bigger compartment. There is no special compartment for keeping these cables, so they just dangle around. Fuel’s cable management needs some improvement.

Anti-Theft Security Pockets

Trakk Vigor comes with anti-theft pockets armed with RFID technology. Theses allow you to secure your valuable possessions. There are many cases where laptops have been stolen from backpacks especially among students. This matter is put to rest by Track Vigor which allows you even to carry your gun safely. The RFID locking material provides you with a peace of mind, especially when in a large crowd.

RFID Protection is necessary for the 21st century

Trakk Fuel backpack also comes with RFID protection which allows you to carry valuable items. This security is based on a material blocking RFID signals from people who try stealing useful information from your RFID enabled cards. These include ATM cards, security badges and more. It takes you around 15 minutes to find all pockets. The RFID anti-theft protects your items from being stolen in a split of a second as it happens in public places.

High-Pressure Water Proofing

Track Vigor backpack is resistant against water delivered at high pressure. It also keeps away dust and sand allowing you carry delicate gadgets. These are facilitated by the high-quality nylon. It eliminates all worries when taking your accessories in a storm or rain. Track vigor is constructed to withstand all weather conditions. Waterproof is a huge plus when it comes to taking electronics. You can as well use it as your fishing bag to tuck in your electronics when it starts raining out there. This bag is also shock proof allowing your devices to stay intact while biking in the woods. It eliminates the risk of losing data on your laptop because of a tiny shock.

Durable & Shock Proof Bag

The Trakk Fuel backpack is also a great companion during bumpy rides. The durability and shock-proofing withstand drops and falls. This plays a crucial role in protecting your electronic devices. Proofing is enhanced by a Jacquard Nylon material complemented by a finishing done with leather. It protects your valuables from water, impact, and dust. You can carry your devices without fear of being damaged by rain or shock. One of the proofing downsides is that zippers don’t seem to keep water outside the back during heavy downpours.


Trakk Vigor includes two large main compartments, two mid compartments, and two side compartments. There are also dedicated padded compartments that you can use to carry your traveling gadgets. These include your phone, notebook, headphones, speakers, passport and more. Compartments are closed with very smooth and sturdy zippers. This backpack allows you to listen to music and carry other entertainment accessories whenever you go. A great and endurable speaker allows you to enjoy great sounds.

The basic Ebag is just for Laptops with no added features

Most backpacks are used to carry laptops. Well, this model holds your laptop much safer and secure. The only downside of compartments is that there is no bottle holder and the inner pockets don’t zip. However, these compartments are very safe, and their distribution doesn’t weigh you down when in a bus or a train. A click is produced to ensure that your orange battery is well secured. This all-in-one travel backpack is ideal for carrying your delicates.

Internal Compartments for days

Trakk Fuel also comes with multiple and internal compartments. It holds more than what you might expect. These compartments are meant to carry files, documents, gadgets and other personal belongings. Trakk has also provided you almost all compartments that you need while traveling. Within the pack are secure compartments that you can use to store important documents and other items like passports and IDs.

The power of the FUEL

Trakk Fuel is also perfect for hiking or carrying all your electronics during a long distance drive. On the backside is a unique compartment that assists in quick airport security checks. A zipper is provided at the top but its not clear what will be stored in there. Again, the zippers pulls are a bit thinner which raises durability concerns. The inside of the bag can hold only a laptop and book sized items. There is an odd looking bottle pocket but works fairly well.


Trakk Vigor is the better option for all light travelers. A firm design eliminates all worries when filling up your stuff. A large number of compartments allows you to keep your wallet, folders, Kindle, binder, pens, notebook and other miscellaneous accessories. Vigor also offers excellent cable management compared to Fuel. These spacious compartments allow you to carry a good number accessories during business or leisure trips. It has a nice padding and well-fixed straps that offer comfort while carrying many items through an uneven terrain.

This backpack allows you to charge all your devices while flying internationally. Three types of USB should cover most of your devices without an adapter. It is a godsend backpack for bike riders and camping fans because of its convenience and comfort. Proofing keeps your devices away from rain and storms. It a nice backpack even without considering its recharge feature. Vigor is a stylish and functional bag that makes things easier whenever you go. This classy backpack is worth every penny. Its a great companion during business and leisure trips. It’s considerably far from its competition and the price tag is way low. Checkout our Mall for more great content! 🙂

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